who am I?

A Travelling Arts Practitioner, exploring the world, spreading creativity!

I have lived in Vietnam, America and the UK, and travelled around and visited a whole load more places in Europe and SE Asia. I LOVE travel and exploring new places and meeting new faces! My background is in the Arts; I have a Fine Arts degree as well as a Masters of Research. I have worked in Art venues internationally; including positions in galleries and studios and have experience in marketing, administration, teaching, copy editing, social media and management.

I am combining my love of all things arty with my need to travel, resulting in the creation of OiOi Arts! The name stems partly from my time in Vietnam where ơi is used endearingly in greetings with the appropriate pronoun, as well as my own way of getting the attention of one student in a class of many by shouting oi! So OiOi has become a kind of East meets West fusion!

I have discovered that Art is something that transcends language. I have worked with children with little or no English but through creativity, the barrier that language poses just melts away. Its a great way to interact, push boundaries and meet people that you might not ordinarily have the opportunity to otherwise.

miles travelled
cups of tea
paintbrushes washed
languages overheard

Working in the Arts

Workshops + Teaching

I have been working in the Arts, since I graduated from my Fine Art degree in 2008. I have held positions in admin, galleries, studios and teaching. These positions have been a mix of paid and voluntary. I love the business side of things, which I why I wanted to start up on my own! Facilitating with workshops and classes, providing guidance, as well as eventually installing artist studios!

I am experienced in art marketing, social media out-reach, copy editing and writing web content, which I’m hoping will come in handy as I document this journey! My varied experience within the arts have also provided me with experience in art conservation, cataloging, team management, planning and implementation of  schedules and pricing.

In a new age of digital dominance I want to show how traditional methods don’t need to be lost but that through documentation and representation, a whole new online art platform can be utilised to help these traditions and the people behind them to thrive. Connectivity is now more possible than ever and I want to really engage with this and use it to promote (Internationally) local  artists and their practices.

I have lead and organised workshops and holiday Art Camps. I taught creatively at schools, events, one off workshops, parties, team building and scheduled classes. From toddlers and children, right up to adults, I am experienced in creating, implementing and guiding learners through the process; from initial concept to the final piece!

I love engaging with others; demonstrating skills and watching them create, enjoy, learn. Language is probably the biggest barrier i’ve encountered, but art seems to transcend, allowing for a different kind of communication. I love this!

I am also experienced in teaching English and have done so in both Vietnam and Cambodia. As I traveled (and continue to travel!) I am documenting and logging all activity here, building a wealth of knowledge to take with me to start new ventures… wherever they may be. In a time where communication is everywhere, its never been easier to bring specialist markets (in my case the Arts) to the masses via online interaction and thats what I want to do. This is what drives me. This is my passion.

The Rainbow Island of Burano

The Rainbow Island of Burano

During a recent trip to Venice I took the 40min boat ride to the charming island of Burano and was blown away! It soon became the most beautiful place i’ve visited. All the colourful houses, waterways and boats were like something from a movie. I had made the journey in the morning, arriving around 9.20am…

Somerset Art Weeks

Somerset Art Weeks

Living in the countryside, away from big city culture and Art hubs can sometimes seem like i’m in a black hole of creativity… Luckily there is Somerset Art Weeks! Two weeks where artists open their studios to the public and the county of Somerset comes alive with a creative energy and buzz. *All artist links…

Castles, Caves and Street Art in the Pink City

Castles, Caves and Street Art in the Pink City

Escaping the British drizzle And so I returned to France! The weather in the UK was not the best this past summer and so a late getaway to the South of France was a welcome escape from the English drizzle. The promise of great street art from my good friend, Lou, was an added bonus…

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Even though i’m now back in the UK doesn’t mean the Art blogging or need to search out the range of diverse arts out there will end! Far from it!! I’m always keen to meet up with other creatives; collaborate via online projects or visit new places and see what creative traditions or influences are to be found! So, let me know if you know of anywhere interesting I should check out so I can get planning for the next adventure 😊


To move, to breathe, to fly, to float, to gain all while you give, to roam the roads of lands remote, to travel is to live.

-Hans Christian Andersen-